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Island's walkthrough:

Quests (Chapter 1)[]

Helping Gata get home[]

Gata initially stands in tile Island 8.png 8. To help him get home, rotate the tile so the land part points to the left (West) or right (East), depending on which direction he asked, and put the tile to the left/right of tile Island 5.png 5.

Finding Shianan's house[]

Put 2 tiles Island 7.png 7 and Island 9.png 9 together so that they form a small forest. You will find Sadiq playing near the forest. Talk to him and there will be 2 birds descending nearby and drop the pieces Island 10.png 10 and Island 11.png 11. Use those 2 with Island 7.png 7 and Island 9.png 9 to form a bigger forest. Shianan's house will appear.

Talking to Shianan[]

She can be found beside the lake. Put 2 tiles Island 10.png 10 and Island 12.png 12 together that they form a lake, and Shianan can be found in Island 10.png 10. When you talk to her, she will tell you about her coming-of-age ceremony, that she has to set sail to find a new land and never come back. She will ask for your companion in her journey, and a small favor of finding some soil for her. The soil can be found in tile Island 6.png 6.

Attending the coming-of-age ceremony[]

After Shianan giving you the piece Island 13.png 13, rotate it and place it on the top (North) of the main island and go there. You will see Shianan's ship. You and Shianan will say goodbye to everyone and set sail.

Quests (Chapter 8-2)[]

Going back to Island[]

You and Shianan are on the sea, finding your way back to the Island. You have to open your inventory and look at the Wriggling Worm as hints:

  • The first time: The worm points towards the Southeast direction. Choose "Southeast" option.
  • The second time: The worm shapes into a "N". Choose "North" option.
  • The third time: The worm shapes into a "11". Choose "Sail towards ELEVEN o'clock!".
  • The fourth time: The worm shapes into a "?". Choose "All of the above".

After following the worm 4 times, you and Shianan will reach the Island's soil (tile Island 14.png 14).

Winning the Fishing Competition[]

After talking with the villagers (in tile Island 5.png 5, Island 8.png 8 and Island 11.png 11), you will know that there is a map to the Iceberg, and it is the grand prize of the fishing competition that will be held soon. Go back to Island 14.png 14 and talk to Shianan. She will say that you need to win the fishing competition, and the competition will be held in the Big Fish Lake. Arrange the tiles Island 10.png 10, Island 12.png 12, Island 15.png 15, Island 16.png 16, Island 17.png 17 and Island 18.png 18 so that they are connected, the Big Fish Lake will appear, and the fishing competition will begin.

Go find the boy Sadiq and talk to him. He will give you a drawing of the fishes in the lake. Arrange the lake's tile so they match the fish's appearance and you can catch them. Note that when the lake's tile match a fish's appearance, Carto will say "The waters are stirring...", and to catch the fish, throw the fishing rod into the lake, and reel it back when your bobber is bobbing.

The map to catch fish:

After catching all 4 fishes, go talk to the fisherman to receive your prize - the map to Iceberg. This is the end of Chapter 8-2.


During the Fishtival in Chapter 8-2, put tiles Island 12.png 12 and Island 18.png 18 together so that they form a lake and fish there. You will catch a puzzle piece of the Airship.

Place the tiles like this.