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Iceberg's story narration:

Chapter 9[]

Carto and Shianan got onto the Iceberg.

Iceberg arrival.png
We made it!!
Wow, it's so beautiful here...
I've never seen snow like this before.
It's so peaceful, and so...cold.
I'd better keep the boat moving before it freezes in the ice.
If you want to start looking for your Granny, Ill come find you once I've found a safe place to dock!
Good luck Carto! Stay warm!

Carto went exploring the iceberg while Shianan busy docking the boat.

Meeting Alusi[]

Carto met Alusi picking berries.

Iceberg Alusi.png
Hum dee dum...
I came here to gather food, but didn't expect to gather a new friend too!
You don't look nearly warm enough, little snowflake.
Please take my scarf, it should keep you toasty!
[Alusi gives Carto the Winter Scarf.]
I'm glad you like it! I have plenty more where that came from.
We all need to support each other to live in a harsh place like this.
You look like you traveled a long way to get here.
I hope you find whateer it is you're looking for.
If you ever need more scarves, you know who to come to!

Meeting Luak[]

Carto met Luak standing by a broken bridge.

Iceberg Luak.png
Good tidings!
It's nice to see a new face, though I'm afraid you've caught me in a bit of a pickle.
I seem to have left my backpack behind when I was eating lunch, pickles and all.
I was on the other side of the mountains, across the bridge.
But now I need the tools in my backpack to fix the bridge and...
Well, you can see the pickle.
My backpack should be near the storage shack by the mountains.
If you can return it to me I'll share my pickles with you!
[Carto gives Luak his Backpack.]
You did it, you clever cornichon!
Now let me just grab my tools and...
[Luak proceeds to fix the bridge.]
Good as new!
Or at least, not so old.
Ever since the goats migrated to warmer postures we've had a dill of a time getting over the mountains.
So these bridges have become our lifelines!
I need to tend to the other bridges, but I'll owe you a gherkin!
[Luak walks to the other bridge to fix it.]

Meeting Taro[]

Carto met Taro.

Iceberg Taro.png
Hello there!
You must be the newcomer. Word travels fast around here!
...unlike our icebergs!
You see, our icebergs actually move pretty slowly.
They separate and drift around, sometimes for a few hours and other times for days!
And they always drift back together in a different shape.
Luak says there are seven icebergs, but we've only counted six.
But he's a great archaeologist and a keen survivalist, so I believe him!
We all chip in around here.
Tekkok protects us from the ice beasts.
Alusi made me this jaunty shirt out of pine needles and furs.
And I've sailed the entire ocean, so I help track the movements of the icebergs!
I'm sure you'll figure out your role if you decide to stick around.
I'm always keeping an eye out for that seventh iceberg. One day...

Getting inside the base[]

Carto found a way to the residents' base.

She met Tekkok guarding at the entrance.

Iceberg Tekkok.png
Tekkok (enters a fighting stance)
You're not an ice beast! You're not a beast at all!
WHEW. I almost soiled my furs!
[Tekkok lowers his spear.]
You look like you've been jostled about by a beast though!
Hold still for a moment, let me bandage you.
[Tekkok tends to Carto's wound while talking.]
Have you heard Luak's Legend yet?
He's our leader, and a renowned adventurer.
He says that one day we'll find a precious treasure on the fabled seventh iceberg.
Treasure-hunters travel great distances when they hear our legend.
But most lose hope after a time, and leave the iceberg.
I suppose those of us left still hold some hope in our hearts.
Is the legend what brought you here, young traveler?
*shakes her head*
I see. Trasure means something different to us all, I'm sure you'll find yours.
Me, I'm hoping for some help with my hunting.
My spear is getting blunt from all of the ice beasts I'm battling!
Or...doodling in the ice while I keep watch for them.
[Tekkok finished bandaging Carto.]
Well you're all bandaged up, stay cozy out there.
All great things are worth waiting for. Perhaps those of us left understand that better than most.

Inside the base, Carto met Alusi and Luak again.

Iceberg Alusi base.png
Dum dee dee...
I hope you're enjoying the scarf!
How do you like my new one?
I knitted it together just now.
Oh, it's just how I contribute to the community. Everyone finds a way!
As for your contribution...
Well, I can see that you have an amazing sense of direction, and never seem to be lost.
Hmm, perhaps you can help Luak on his treasure hunt?
I'm sure you've heard of it by now. What do you think the treasure could be?
Me, I'm hoping a material of impossible warmth.
Even with these gloves, my hands keep going numb while I'm knitting!
Can't wait for those balmy palms!
Iceberg Luak base.png
We meet again!
And wouldn't you know it, I JUST gave away my last pickle. Ugh!
By way of apology, let me tell you about this base we're in!
It connects the various biomes of the iceberg, one beyond each gate.
So regardless of where the icebergs drift to, we can easily connect to them!
How's that for some ice cold facts?
It's often easier to get around if you start from this base. Good luck!

The Lighthouse[]

Carto went to the Lighthouse and met Taro there.

Iceberg Lighthouse.png
Hello there!
I'm impressed you made it here!
I though only Luak dared navigate the foggy narrows.
Sometimes he joins me here to study the old lighthouse.
He thinks it might be related to the seventh iceberg, since we're too far out for most boats.
I can't navigate the fog myself, so I usually drift over on an ice floe.
I've been studying the patterns of the currents every since I arrived here.
Just today, I found this beautiful piece of paper washed ashore.
Perhaps you can make use of it?
[Taro gives Carto the piece Iceberg 6.png 6.]
I've been trying to float a message back to my home island for years...
I left there more than a decade ago, but I still miss my people sometimes.
They have a rule where you can never return once you sail for your coming-of-age...
[Carto gives Taro the Boat Carving.]
This...this wooden boat...I don't believe it...
I'd recognize this carving work anywhere...
My mother made this!!
Did you visit my home island?? Did she send this along for me?
This means the world, thank you dearly.
Although I can't see my parents again, knowing they still think of me too...
...well it warms my heart, even in this frigid place.
I don't know what great stroke of fortune brought us together, newcomer, but thank you.
I can feel the love of my people from across the sea. Thank you again.

The Monolith[]

Carto went to the Monolith and met Luak there.

Iceberg Monolith.png
I've been so busy fixing bridges, I must have neglected the monolith!
I don't usually let the snow pile up like this...
And wouldn't you know it, I left my backpack of tools with my afternoon tea...
I know I wasn't even good for a measly pickle last time, but...
Could you possibly grab my backpack from the Windy Woods nearby?
The weather picked up just as I finished, and I couldn't even stand up.
But you seemed to make it here just fine!
What do you say, help an old man out? Again?
Please grab my backpack from the Windy Woods!
[Carto goes into the Windy Woods and grabs the Backpack for Luak.]
You found my backpack! My thanks!
Just as soon as I brine some more pickles, they shall be yours. Promise!
In the meantime, I just need a moment to clear the snow off the monolith...
[Luak proceeds to clean the monolith.]
Iceberg Monolith cleaned.png
Ah, back to its glorious self. Do you see the patterns?
Many icebergs ago, our ancestors had to abandon this place.
The climate had changed, and become inhospitable.
It's said that they left a treasure behind, one of impossible value and use.
My people found our way back here, and found new ways to survive.
I've been looking for the treasure ever since.
I still believe that we'll find it when we find the fabled seventh iceberg!
When I don't know where to look next, I come to this monolith for inspiration.
I feel as if these patterns left by our ancestors are a clue.
Each side of the monolith has a different pattern. Perhaps you can make sense of them?
[Carto cracked the code of the Monolith. A beam of light coming out of the Monolith.]
That beam of light! Amazing!
It must be a clue to the seventh iceberg, I just know it...
Perhaps the beam can bring the lighthouse back to life?
Though it could take years for the icebergs to drift into just the right formation...
[Carto makes the light reach the Lighthouse. The seventh iceberg appears.]
That rumbling! Could it be??
[Luak walks away.]

The seventh iceberg[]

Carto went to the seventh iceberg. Everyone had already gathered there.

Iceberg the seventh.png


  • Taro:
The seventh iceberg...
I can't believe I'm actually standing on it! What a niceberg!
I don't know what you did, newcomer, but you seem to be making everyone's day.
  • Alusi:
It finally happened! My hands are feeling warmer already...
  • Tekkok:
I always believed in Luak. And he was right!
Now let's see about that treasure helping me hunt...
  • Luak:
Oh my...
You did it! You found the seventh iceberg!!
And here's our ancestor's treasure, just as I theorized.
I'm sorry for running off on you, I just had to see it for myself once the iceberg surfaced.
I've been searching for so long, I can't believe the day has come...
It's really...real. I've been searching for so long...
Time to open the treasure!
Everyone please stand back. we don't know what awaits us within...

After everyone was in position, Luak opened the treasure chest.


Hold your breath, everyone...
Here we go...
[Luak opened the chest. There are 6 husky puppies sleeping inside.]
Are those...
But how...
Husky dogs! Our ancestors left us huskies!
They're...perfect. We have to keep them warm!
[Everyone gives some clothes to warm the huskies.]
The poor thing.
We must protect them!
Anything else warm we can add?
[Carto gives her scarf to the huskies.]
That's great! Now let's get them back to the base!
[Shianan appears.]
Oh, sorry to interrupt whatever
I was sailing nearby when this iceberg surfaced from below and grounded the boat!
I just wanted to make sure you were okay. Phew!
Hi everyone, I'm Carto's friend!
It looks like you're pretty busy - anything I can help with?
Good timing, friend! We need to bring these sleep pooches back to our base.
You're very welcome to join us!

Everyone carried the huskies back to the base.


Grandma's fourth letter[]

When Carto got back to the base, she found an Paper Airplane from her Grandmother.

Grandma letter 4.png

Saying goodbye to the Iceberg[]

Carto and Shianan said goodbye to everyone before sailing.

Iceberg end.png


  • Taro:
My my.
I can't believe little Shianan is here too!
She was just a child when I sailed, and now she's on her own coming-of-age journey.
She's told me so many stories about our people, it fills me with joy.
You've done so much for me, but I have one last favor to ask.
When you sail, will you please drop this near the shore of our island on your way?
My parents will surely find it, and I know they'll be glad to hear from me.
[Taro gives Carto the Message in a Bottle.]
It's been my great pleasure having you girls here. Safe sails!
  • Alusi:
They're wonderful.
I already started knitting them some clothes. Six sets of everything!
Little socks, little scarves. Maybe some little hats!
I'm sure they'll start shedding soon too, and nothing is warmer than husky fur gloves.
Looks like I got my wish after all!
I can't wait to see these pups in their arctic garb!
  • Tekkok:
This should keep them warm enough.
We're letting them wake up naturally. They must have been asleep for ages...
It looks like I got my hunting help after all!
I just have to wait until these pups grow a little bigger.
Your days are numbered, ice beasts...
The huskies are doggone cuties.
  • Luak:
A mystery spanning generations, finally solved.
How thoughtful our ancestors were! These creatures are truly a treasure.
I thank the ancestors for their blessings. And you, for helping!
  • Shianan:
Those pups are too cute.
Makes me want one of my own, they'd be such good companions out at sea!
[Carto gives Shianan her Grandmother's letter.]
Wow, your Granny was so close to us!
Hmm, we need to meet her above the clouds huh?
Nowhere jumps to mind, but let's head back to the Story Chalet and do some research!

Carto and Shianan went back to the Story Chalet once more...

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