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Grassland's walkthrough:

Quests (Chapter 2)[]

Rounding up the sheeps[]

When you talk to Mo in tile Grassland 6.png 6, he will ask you to round his sheeps for him. You have to interact with the sheeps, then talk again to Mo. He will comment about how the sheeps are ignoring you, and you need to ask the rhythm farmer in tile Grassland 5.png 5 to get something (the Honey Fruit) to attract the sheeps. Then pick up the Honey Fruit in the same tile, and feed it to the sheeps.

Talk to Tuyaa, then go pick up the Honey Fruit.

  • There are 4 sheeps. The first 3 sheeps can be found easily on the map. With the last one, you have to place 4 tiles Grassland 2.png 2, Grassland 3.png 3, Grassland 5.png 5 and Grassland 6.png 6 in a plus shape that the snowy flower bushes in each tile go toward the plus shape's center. Tile Grassland 7.png 7 will spawn inside the plus shape, and the last sheep can be found here.

Place 4 tiles so that the bushes are near the center, like this.

Finding Mo's house[]

After rounding up the sheeps, there will be a sheep who jump around like crazy. Feed it Honey Fruit, and it will spit out the tile Grassland 8.png 8. Go to that tile and pick up Grassland 9.png 9. Now connect 3 tiles Grassland 6.png 6, Grassland 8.png 8 and Grassland 9.png 9 to form a road. Tile Grassland 10.png 10 will spawn at the end of the road.

Go to tile Grassland 10.png 10 and pick up tile Grassland 11.png 11. You will see 2 signs which points to 2 different directions:

  1. "Straight Roads to Bridge": Use 2 tiles Grassland 11.png 11 and Grassland 8.png 8 to form a straight road connected to the sign. Tile Grassland 12.png 12 will spawn at the end of the road. Go there and pick up tile Grassland 13.png 13.
  2. "Curved Roads to Tents": Use 2 tiles Grassland 9.png 9 and Grassland 13.png 13 to form a curved road connected to the sign. Tile Grassland 14.png 14 will spawn at the end of the road. Go there and you will find Mo's house.

Go inside the house and you will find Mo's dad. After talking with him and go outside the tent, you will unlock tile Grassland 15.png 15.

Finding Ganga[]

Monkar (Mo's dad) will ask you to find Ganga - his oldest son. Place 3 tiles Grassland 11.png 11, Grassland 13.png 13, Grassland 14.png 14 in a triangle shape so that the forest sections of 3 tiles surround a spot, then talk to one of the boys in those 3 tiles. The tile Grassland 16.png 16 will spawn and you can find Ganga standing by the river's head. He will give you a Glow Leaf when you talk to him. Give the Glow Leaf to Monkar.

Place three tiles 11, 13, 14 like this.

Finding the Ghost Lily[]

In ther morning, Monkar will tell you that Ganga has found the Ghost Lily in the river's head (tile Grassland 16.png 16). But when you have come there, the flower has disappeared. To make it appear again, rotate tile Grassland 16.png 16 until Ganga says "The flow changed, hooray!" when you talk to him. Now interact with all the people to make them hide, then you go hide near Mo. The Ghost Lily will appear in the middle of the river's head.

One of Mo's sheeps will appear and scare the Ghost Lily away. The Ghost Lily will flow outside of the tile. Connect tile Grassland 12.png 12 to the river's head, and you will see the Ghost Lily is stuck under the bridge. Untangle it, and you will finish Chapter 2.

Quests (Chapter 4-2)[]

Finding the Desert[]

Go talk to Mo in tile Grassland 7.png 7. He will say that he can help you, but only when he is asleep. You will need some type of plants to put him to sleep. Go ask the teacher in Grassland 10.png 10: She and her students will give you hints about the plants:

  • Dozing Daisies: Spawns near the circle road. Use 3 tiles Grassland 9.png 9, Grassland 10.png 10 and Grassland 13.png 13 to form a three fourth of a circle road. The tile Grassland 17.png 17 will appear and the Dozing Daisies can be found inside the circle road.
  • Slumber Stalk: Spawns in the center of a field with yellow leaves. Place 3 tiles Grassland 5.png 5, Grassland 9.png 9 and Grassland 15 2.png 15 together so that the yellow leaves parts of the tiles touch each other. Tile Grassland 18.png 18 will spawn, and Slumber Stalk can be found in the yellow leaves field.
  • Whisper Grass: Spawns at the mouth of the river. Choose either tile Grassland 1.png 1 or Grassland 4.png 4, and place it one tile away from tile Grassland 16.png 16 (note that the water parts must point towards each other). Tile Grassland 19.png 19 will spawn, and you can find Whisper Grass there.

After finding all 3 of the plants, go put it around Mo in tile Grassland 7.png 7. He will be asleep, and sleepwalk after. Follow him to go to Desert.


In Chapter 2, at the beginning of the quest Finding the Ghost Lily, when Monkar wakes you up to go catch the Ghost Lily, go outside the tent to the tile Grassland 15.png 15, and find the plant pot next to the tent. After interacting with it 5 times, a flower will bloom, and you get a puzzle piece of the Airship.